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Hot import Nights feature a world recognized car competition showcasing hundreds of customized vehicles, Top Car Crews and Teams, Pioneer DJ Main Stage w/ Headliner DJ Talent, Wish HOT 100 Car Competition, Featured Industry Models in the Model Lounge, Miss HIN Model Competition, Auto Aftermarket Exhibitors, Merchandise Stands, Entertainment Zones, Concessions, plus tons of festival attractions. Featured DJ Kim Lee - Miss HIN 2018 The Stacey Twins Miss HIN Dallas - Katarina Storm Vicki Li - HIN All Star WISH HOT 100 Car Compeitition Pioneer DJ Main Stage spHINoff DJ Battle Dallas Miss HIN Dallas 2018 Model Search, Model Lounge, Model Cat-Walk Eight Entertainment Zones (Pioneer Main Stage, Square One, Nemesis, Hi-Def, War on Boredom, Diverse, InMotion, Chaos ) Instagram - Facebook- Website- Song - Glantis - In My Head (Bite Remix)
After a couple hrs after the Team 5 star car meet, I rested up a bit and headed down to sugarland to attend Eat Sleep Car Meet. Met up with some familiar faces again, met up with a new friend who was visiting Houston. Some of the guys from the previous car meet came by to stop by. All in all, Same experience to what you imagine a car meet would be. Instagram - Facebook- Website-
I had the pleasure of attending team 5 star car meet and gathering this past weekend. Said hi to lots of old familiar faces, and took a few photos. Lots of nice modified Honda's for sure. Instagram - Facebook- Website-
Greeting to all, Its been a long time since i uploaded anything on to Vimeo. Recently Attended Anime Matsuri, We had itasha cars and imports show up for the car exhibition part. It looks smaller this year than last year for sure. This is my first go at using a gimbal to do videos. Honestly still have ways to go to get good at it. second is, I'm editing on sony vegas pro 15 and im not sure how to reduce the rolling shutter if I'm saying that correctly. Lastly, Ill be attending more event and uploading more videos in the near future. Hope you enjoy the video.
Uploaded by Mod Faction on 2018-02-12.